1. Because every month is Inktober for me, I decided to do a little ink process post. I went to an awesome burlesque show last week at R Bar in Soho and have been dreaming in burlesque routines since!

    1. These are my materials! Dr. P.H. Martin’s Bombay India Ink, Rekab Kolinsky brush, and a shallow ceramic dish (this one needs to be cleaned)!

    2. Next comes a pencil sketch which I bring over to the light box for inking. I will do different layers for different stuff (her body, accessories, and feathers are all different layers). I will also switch brushes often, using a scraggly and scratchy one for things like the feathers.

    3. Off to Photoshop for color!

    To see more drawings of burlesque ladies check them out here. 

  2. Cleaning out the studio! A bunch of new stuff on the good ol’ Etsy shop. www.etsy.com/shop/KangarooCourt

  3. New stuff on the website. www.paulasearing.com

  4. Made this dog today as part of a series of spot illustrations. More to come soon….

  5. I drew this no good #troll for no good reason today.

  6. Light box sneak peak again! More to come soon.

  7. I have some illustrations on Buzzfeed today. Accompanying a great article by Amanda Bast about living with Spinda Bifida. http://www.buzzfeed.com/amandabast/i-have-spina-bifida-and-i-am-beautiful?s=mobile

  8. Sneak peak for now. I am really loving my new lightbox.

  9. Doodle collab with Hazel Santino and I. Done on two sided drafting mylar, which is a total dream to paint on! 

  10. Piece inspired by the group of Monk Parrots living in Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn. Ink and digital. Here is a little article about how they got there.