1. Sneak peak for now. I am really loving my new lightbox.

  2. Doodle collab with Hazel Santino and I. Done on two sided drafting mylar, which is a total dream to paint on! 

  3. Piece inspired by the group of Monk Parrots living in Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn. Ink and digital. Here is a little article about how they got there. 

  4. Summer is here! “Where’s Waldo?” inspired activity pages for Babiekins Magazine’s summer issue. Out now at Barnes and Noble. More from the spread soon…

  5. Here is a little evolution post about my piece for yesterday’s NYT OP-ED. The article is about the Dan River Spill and North Carolina’s water protection laws.

    1) Sketches of not so sweet Carolina tea, lady liberty walking through the muck, and North Carolina’s water protection laws.

    2) Final image after some revisions.


    4)The last image is from a friend in Boston. She managed to snap a picture of someone reading it on the T! I found this to be ultra cool.

    AD, Matt Dorfman

    Find the full article here. Smoke in The Water by Derb Carter

  6. A little sketchbook selection. A sneaker (I love to draw sneakers) and me trying to mimic the drawing style of a six year old (drawings of a bird, a cat and his name.)

  7. So happy it is spring!!! Selected beauties from a trip to the Botanical Gardens!

  8. Some scans from my sketchbook. People, their feet and reading on the subway. There is so much material down there… 

  9. I suppose this is a belated Valentine’s Day drawing. Love notes in the form of old receipts, recipes, and ink spilled on a thesaurus. 

  10. I am not that into superheroes and the like, but ZORRO is just the coolest. Definitely has the best costume…